3rd Winnipeg Scout Group

Putting the Out in Scouting ... Since 1909

Experience the Great Outdoors

Scouting is a great opportunity for young men and women to learn to respect and enjoy nature with their counterparts from all over Canada and through out the World.

(Canadian Jamboree 2007 - Tamaracouta Scout Reserve, Mille Isles, PQ - 100th Anniversary of World Scouting Sunrise Ceremony (approx 8000+ Youth and Leaders from across Canada and abroad participated.) 

3rd Winnipeg meets at St Mary Magdalene Church, 3 St Vital Rd, Winnipeg and offers youth activities in each of the following sections:

Beaver Scouts   (Ages 5 to 7)

Friends of the Forest, Beaver Scouts are the roots of the Scouting Movement now and into the future. 

Meet on Mondays from 6:30 - 7:30 PM 

Cub Scouts   (Ages 8 to 10)

Where youth Do Their Best and really start to learn an appreciation for Camping, Hiking, Canoeing and many more outdoor activities, as well as the value of Community Service.  


Meet on Thursdays from 6:30 - 8:00 PM 

Scouts (Ages 11 to 14)

Youth continue to expand their appreciation and knowledge of the outdoors and further develop their community service spirit, all the while learning to be more independent.  

The future is bright as our Scout Troop expanded to 19 Scouts last season and is expected to grow again next. With the number of youth that jumped up from Cub Scouts at the end of last season our Scout Troop will exceed 20 and my hit as many as 30 youth next season.  


Scouts meet on Thursday from 6:30 to 8:30 PM

Venturer Scouts (Ages 15 to 17)

Very independent youth who, with help from their Advisors, define their own program in the spirit of Scouting.  Providing Offer of Service to Scouting as well as the Community.  These youth are preparing themselves to be the future leaders of Scouting and Community minded citizens. 

A group of thirty four youth and leaders from Manitoba area Venturer Scout Groups that, in conjunction with Hero Holidays, traveled to Vicente Guerrero, Mexico in 2011.  This small group successfully completed their goal, as members of the Scouts Canada Mexico Challenge,  which was to build three houses for homeless families while building a national program to inspire other groups to follow in our footsteps.  The result of the 18 month project far exceeded of original plans with in excess of $100K raised the group committed to an additional home bringing the total build to 4 houses in 4 days.  Hero Holidays organizers were concerned we had over extended but the Group pulled together in true Scouting form and dedicated 4 homes, complete with furnishing and other necessities to 4 needed families on schedule (see some of our experience in the photos section).

Phase 3 is well underway.  The word is out  (National Scouting Life  Magazine Pg 8-10) and Our program has led to the creation of a new "Build a Home Challenge" Activity badge, encouraging Scouters from across North America to learn more about Mexico and help raise money and awareness for future humanitarian missions.  Not to mention Planning and fund raising took place for a repeat trip in 2014, which was again a huge success!


3rd Venturer Scouts are currently not active due to limited numbers of registered youth and advisors.  As numbers of youth moving up increase and new members come forward it is our hope and plan to reopen this section.

Leaders / Volunteers

Volunteers are the key to our continued survival/success as an organization.

You can make a difference!

Leaders and Volunteers are always welcome.

Not sure what you can give to the organization,

but willing to "Do Your Best"...

Give us a call.

There's nothing more rewarding than the face of a child when they push their limits and achieve more than they ever thought possible!




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